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Report on possible approaches to addressing existing plastic pollution in a global agreement

Miljøministeriet Departementet

OpgavebeskrivelseIn March 2022, the fifth meeting of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) adopted resolution 5/14 establishing an international negotiating committee (INC), with a mandate to develop a new international agreement on plastic pollution. The agreement will cover the entire plastic life cycle – from production, design and use to waste management and existing pollution.

The Ministry of Environment of Denmark is hereby commissioning a report outlining possible approaches to addressing existing plastic pollution in a global agreement on plastic pollution.

The report should provide an overview of the various options that exist, both based on existing research, other international instruments, as well as new ideas, including from various stakeholders, for addressing existing plastic pollution in the agreement. The report should also include a summary for policymakers.

The report should address the following four elements: 1) the rationale for addressing existing pollution, 2) relevant experiences from other international and regional environmental agreements, 3) possible legally binding approaches, and 4) possible voluntary approaches.

The contractor should engage with relevant stakeholders in its work. The contractor should also present the final report and its finding at a suitable time, to be agreed with the Ministry. Finally, the contractor shall engage with the Ministry in developing the precise scope and methodology of the report.

The report should be written in English.

The report will be a substantial contribution to the negotiation process by providing an overview of options for addressing existing plastic pollution and will contribute positively to the existing knowledge base.

The report should be completed well in advance of the third meeting of the intergovernmental negotiating committee (INC), tentatively scheduled for November 2023, and preferably in time for the second meeting of the INC in May/June 2023.
Annonceret3. marts 2023 13:00:00 CET
Deadline27. marts 2023 16:00:00 CEST
UdbudstypeMindre danske udbud
UdbudsformOffentligt/åbent udbud
CPV kode85312320
Skønnet kontraktsum200 000,00

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Tildelings- og udvælgelseskriterier

TildelingskriterierØkonomisk mest fordelagtige bud
Uddybning af tildelingskriterierPrice: The task has a maximum price of DKK 200,000 excl. VAT.

Performance of the task/approach/method: The bidder must describe how they will approach the task and describe an overall plan for the performance of the project. The plan shall include a description of the data basis and shall also contain a proposal regarding which information will be reported at mid-term delivery, cf. the task description. It will be weighted positively in the assessment of this criterion that the description as far as possible meets the contracting authority’s needs as described in the task description.

The professional competences of the performing team: The bidder must submit CVs containing the relevant professional qualifications and experience of the participants in the team, which will be responsible for the performance of the task. Each CV can maximum consist of one A4 page. It will be weighted positively that the team responsible for the performance of the task has experience with solving similar tasks related to international environmental law.


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